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Hartgood would like to acknowledge Australia's original Inhabitants, present Elders and upcoming Youngsters for their passion, knowledge and wisdom of human health & consciousness and environmental land, fire and water care practices.

Hartgood Online Consultations & Nutrition Medicine Clinic

Passionate about Physical Health, Mindfull Cognition, Self-knowledge and Moving forward
  • Optimising Mental & Physical Health with an holistic perspective and knowledge of Human life on planet Earth
  • Immune Function - understandings and optimisation in times of "Normal" daily life, Pandemics and Epidemics
  • Mitigating Stress and poor Sleep
  • Drawing upon our in-depth subscriptions to independent Laboratory and Research Services that verify consumer products like Personal Hygiene, Food, Supplements etc. Do they contain and do what they claim.
  • Medical & Evidence-based assessment Tools used like thorough History taking, Mental/Physical Symptom checking, Genetic vulnerabilities and Toxicology assessment
  • Collaboration with your GP and other Functional Medicine and Allied Health Practitioners
  • Mentoring, Education, Mindfulness & Heart-fulness to help extract every possible drop of goodness, autonomy, joy & meaning from this life
  • Investigating unwanted weight gain or weight loss, fatigue, fogy brain, misbehaving gut, low muscle mass and recurring symptoms
  • Heavy metal testing & toxic chemical exposure assessment followed by minimisation practices
  • Psycho-education including medication-nutrient interactions, side effects, risks and long-term medication use, and "what does a diagnoses actually mean" in simple and understandable terms with view to reduce stigma and make informed choices
  • Toxic chemical-Nutrient interactions
  • Addiction Recovery/Prevention
  • Chronic Illness mitigation using Evidence-based Nutrition & Lifestyle choices and knowledge
  • Maximising Nutrient Density through enhancing knowledge of food preparation techniques and recipes
  • Supplements - investigating individual need based on Medical & Evidence-based assessment mentioned above
  • Identifying allergies with subsequent detoxification using gold-standard 3-week elimination protocol in conjunction with Medicare covered allergy-identifying blood tests
  • Help with collation of previous pathology tests and co-ordination and ordering of left-out, overlooked or un-followed-up blood tests along with mentoring of test result interpretation (it's not rocket science)
    This enhances Empowerment and saves time in long-term with flow on better health outcomes by allowing more meaningful and client-driven discussions with your GP (doctors today are legends, heros and caring but very busy), and reduces costs by avoiding repetition of explaining yourself and expensive tests
Optimising Mental & Physical Health

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About Hartgood
Hartmut Gunther
Hartmut Michael Günther is the founder, consultant and clinician at Hartgood, Hartgoods (Online Store), Toxtest, Toxno and FoodSynergy.
Hartmut has qualifications in Biochemistry and Genetics, Nutrition Medicine and Psychology. He also designs and facilitates programs and classes in Health & Nutrition, Mindfulness, Anger Management and Addiction Recovery/Prevention. Additional details on Contact page.

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0439 54 7788

Consultation Details

Cost: $30 for 15 mins. For example, a 45 min consultation is $90.
Short Consultations: Clarifying toxicology testing results (for Water, Soil, Dust, Hair, Food and Medications and others) usually only requires between 15-30 mins. All toxic chemical testing results from Toxtest include an extensive help page and auxiliary information.
Nutrition Medicine Consultations: How many appointments? - the first Nutrition Medicine consultation that begins a full assessment often needs between 1-1.5 hours. To complete a full assessment with recommended interventions and life changes often only requires between 1-3 consultations at about a hour each. Follow-up visits are then organised depending on need and often only require 15 mins to 45 mins.
Ongoing Mentoring, Inspiration, Education: Usually only needs between 15-30mins, one to one, as needed or requested. However, ongoing learning/mentoring cost can be dramatically reduced if you invite others (up to 5) to join you in your own private GoToMeeting (like Zoom) online class/group/FAQ session, facilitated by Hartmut, that usually goes for 1 hour. Therefore 5 people only pay $24 each for an hour class.
Support from OS: (+61) 4 39 54 7788
Support in OZ: 0439 54 7788
Business Name: Hartgood
Australia ABN: 58 845 464 564
Clinic Address: Suite 3, 214 Beardy Street, Armidale, 2350, NSW, Australia
FAX: (61) 2 6526 2123

Toxtest and Toxno

Toxno was founded in 2014 and serves as a education tool for toxic chemical exposures and related health effects.
Toxtest was founded in 2015 and serves as an Australian NATA certified Laboratory to test Water, Hair, Soil, Dust, Medications, Food, Supplements and much more.

You can Search the entire Toxno & Toxtest Universe

We have life-saving information from over 25,000 substances and their common Exposure Routes

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Many of us get great benefit from having another human explain things.
If that's you, then we provide a consultation over the phone directly with Hartgood founder, Hartmut Gunther.
Cost is $30 for 15 mins.
A full Nutrition Medicine work-up and consultation is also available.
Cost for this and details about Hartmut are shown above.
Ask a Question or Book a Consultation via email with Hartmut
Hartmut on 0439 54 7788 (+61 439 54 7788 if OS)
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