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Hartgood is the confluence of work and ongoing research from all over the globe in areas of Health, Nutrition, Soil Science, Toxicology, Psychology, Organic, Biodynamic & Regenerative food growing practices.

Hartmut Michael Günther is founder, consultant and clinician (see qualifications below).

Hartmut collaborates & cross-refers with many experts, scientists and health professionals and draws upon and integrates the absolute latest evidence-based research on nutrients, food, diets, medical tests, toxicology and mental, physical & emotional health into every consult

At the heart of Hartgood is a Consultation or Class. Human to Human interaction where careful inquiry and dialogue leads to knowledge, action and optimal health outcomes.

Consultations focus on evidence-based non-drug yet medically-integrated interventions for Chronic Health Conditions. Or, you or your family, can proactively optimise health at any age via a short consult or joining a class.

A full assessment with recommended interventions and life changes often only requires between 1-3 consultations at about a hour each. Cost is $35 for 15 minute blocks or $140/hr.

Chronic Health Conditions and their underlying contributing factors like elevated blood pressure, obesity, type 2 diabetes, alcohol & drug use, poor diet, toxic chemical exposures, unrelenting mental/emotional stress and cardiovascular & respiratory disease in general, contribute to more than 70% of all deaths worldwide. Unnecessarily early deaths fraught with suffering.

The very lastest evidence indicates that all these conditions benefit significantly from a Mediterranean-type Dietary Pattern and Physical activity as curative or at least preventative of disease progression, and depending on individual circumstances, without the need for a pharmacology intervention.

Mediterranean-type Dietary Pattern and Physical activity ARTICLE

Living Soil, Growing Nutrient Rich Tasty Food
= Healthy Humans

Evidence-based and Medically integrated; Health, Nutrition & Toxicology Consultations
infused with judicious Wholistic Counselling.

A Clinical Nutrition Consultation includes extensive workup with full history, tests, physical, diet, nutrient depletions & education while considering chronic symptoms, medical diagnoses, medication-nutrient interactions and side-effects and emotions, pain & unnecessary suffering.
Outcomes: Better Health, Optimal Nutrition, Minimal Toxic Exposures, Increased Knowledge
How many appointments? To complete a full assessment with recommended interventions and life changes often only requires between 1-3 consultations at about a hour each.
Who: Individuals, Families, Couples and Children welcome
Cost: AU$35 for 15 minute blocks or $140/hr.
Where Consultations are conducted via teleHealth-based online meetings across Australia. In person consults are a currently available in Burnie, Tasmania and Burleigh Heads, Queensland.
Further Details: see below

Off course there is often natural overlap between Wholistic Counselling and Clinical Nutrition. The Mind, Body and Life Force are miraculously interrelated, connected and support each other.
Hartmut Gunther

Depending on your history and main presenting symptoms, these are some of the items we investigate during a workup...
  • Optimising Mental & Physical Health with an holistic perspective and knowledge of Human life on planet Earth
  • Immune Function - understandings and optimisation in times of "Normal" daily life, Pandemics and Epidemics
  • Mitigating Stress and Poor Sleep. A deep dive into what's going on in our psyche, work, relationships, health and heart-ful-ness (or lack of) that promotes stress.
  • Hormones - messangers of the Gods - not to be trifled with or ignored. They are ALL interconnected. When indicated we look thoroughly at; Thyroid function (a misbehaving thyroid contributes to weight gain/loss, constipation, poor sleep, fatigue and cognitive issues). Insulin Resistance (silent precursor to diabets). Cortisol , important for sugar metabolism/mobilisation and weight gain during chronic stress and of course the female & male Sex and Fertility hormones
  • Gut happiness - what happens when we love our gut bugs (microbiome) and get to know what our gut bugs need (fibre - that's what they eat) and what they don't want, like - chlorinated water, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, antibiotics, excess alcohol, some medications and slow transit time (constipation) that stiffles their environment.
  • Drawing upon our in-depth subscriptions to independent Laboratory and Research Services that verify consumer products like Personal Hygiene, Food, Supplements etc. Do they contain and do what they claim.
  • Medical & Evidence-based assessment Tools used like thorough History taking, Mental/Physical Symptom checking, Genetic vulnerabilities and Toxicology assessment
  • Collaboration with your GP and other Functional Medicine and Allied Health Practitioners
  • Mentoring, Education, Mindfulness & Heart-fulness to help extract every possible drop of goodness, autonomy, joy & meaning from this life
  • Investigating unwanted Weight Gain or weight loss, fatigue, fogy brain, misbehaving gut, low muscle mass and recurring symptoms
  • Heavy metal testing & toxic chemical exposure assessment followed by minimisation practices
  • Psycho-education including medication-nutrient interactions, side effects, risks and long-term medication use, and "what does a diagnosis actually mean" in simple and understandable terms with view to reduce stigma and make informed choices
  • Toxic chemical-Nutrient interactions
  • Addiction Recovery/Prevention
  • Chronic Illness mitigation using Evidence-based Nutrition & Lifestyle choices and knowledge
  • Maximising Nutrient Density through enhancing knowledge of food preparation techniques, recipes and Whole-food nutrient content
  • Supplements - investigating individual need based on Medical & Evidence-based assessment mentioned above
  • Identifying allergies with subsequent detoxification using gold-standard 3-week elimination protocol in conjunction with Medicare covered allergy-identifying blood tests
  • Help with collation of previous pathology tests and co-ordination and ordering of left-out, overlooked or un-followed-up blood tests along with mentoring of test result interpretation (it's not rocket science)
    This enhances Empowerment and saves time in long-term with flow on better health outcomes by allowing more meaningful and client-driven discussions with your GP (doctors today are legends, heros and caring but very busy), and reduces costs by avoiding repetition of explaining yourself and expensive tests
essential nutrient
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I had really come to the end of the line. I was on a downward spiral. Medications, poor diet, couldn't think straight. The assessment and resulting interventions helped turn things around for me.
Working mother, Queensland

Clients want to know about their blood test results, what they mean and more importantly what should be done to follow-up. Education is an integral part of a consultation.
cobalt symptoms
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Thank you so much Hartmut and your diligent follow up from your discussions with Mum. Your networking with the chef at the retirement village, and her doctor seems very constructive indeed. I spoke with Mum today and she seems very satisfied that she has been heard and her wishes considered-along with some pioneering inroads into the inner sanctum of Chef's kitchen! She does seem a lot more confident in herself, knowing there is someone batting for her. I know it is an ongoing work in progress, but I am extremely grateful for the way you have advocated for Mum.
Daughter of Mother who had moved into Retirement Village

We draw upon our in-depth subscriptions to independent Laboratory and Research Services that verify consumer products like Personal Hygiene, Food, Supplements etc. Do they contain and do what they claim.

For example, do any supplements, in fact, help with the coronavirus (COVID-19)?
cobalt symptoms
cobalt symptoms
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Hartmut took me through a detailed assessment process which involved not only a thorough medical but detailed family and personal history along with dietary history too. From this Hartmut set me on a pathway of eating the right foods to restore the depleted levels combined with supplements to bring those depleted levels up to more optimal levels. During the process Hartmut took the time and energy to carefully explain in layman's terms the 'science' behind what had been happening and gave me the right information and guidance to address it. Six months on from that process I am feeling an energy and vitality that had been smothered for such a long time. As such I have no hesitation in recommending Hartmut to anyone.

It’s no surprise that Hartmut’s consults can contain a trauma & happiness informed Wholistic Counselling component, as he has recently completed a Psychology degree, has spent 40+ years practicing going within (Meditation), designs and facilities classes in Nutrition/Health, Mindfulness & Anger Management at an Alcohol & Drug Recovery facility. He is currently upgrading skills in understanding Trauma and is working to use Mindfulness/Neuroscience based interventions to help with chronic mental, physical & emotional pain.

Wholistic Counselling uses active listening and draws upon our deepening need to understand of our own psyche and the inter-relatedness of anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness and uncertainty.

Wholistic Counselling inquires into our propensity to generate our own problems yet not understand why and how; the tentacles of past trauma, addiction and pain; our innate need for, yet not knowing how to connect with - peace, meaning, happiness and stillness at will; our unconscious biases, logical fallacies, fears, habits and beliefs that keep us stuck and in cycles of suffering; the urgency and importance of Self-knowledge. All these and more are addressed with a view to assist in Moving Forward with self reliance, increased gratitude, a deeper sense of purpose and training in reliance on the true Self, minimising self judgement and recovering quicker from boats of reactivity and bad behaviour.

Addiction Recovery/Prevention

cobalt symptoms
Hartmut designs and facilitates evidence-based programs and classes in Health, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Anger Management and Addiction Recovery/Prevention at a world-class residential recovery centre in Armidale, NSW. Residents have kindly given permission for recordings of classes to be published during the Covid Pandemic

It was a throw away comment I made during the history assessment that was picked up by Hartmut. I went from total lethargy, severe cognition problems and about to loose my job to almost complete recovery in 1 month. I was unknowingly being poisoned by lead (from hair dye for men)
Male Teacher, NSW

cobalt symptoms
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Psycho-education including medication-nutrient interactions, side effects, risks and long-term medication use, and "what does a diagnosis actually mean" in simple and understandable terms with view to reduce stigma and make informed choices
drug side effects
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About Hartgood founder
Hartmut Michael Günther
B.Sc. Hons Biochemistry (La Trobe University, Melbourne),
Graduate Diploma with Distinction Nutrition Medicine (RMIT University, Melbourne),
Graduate Diploma Psychology (Monash University, Melbourne),
Member of Nutrition Society Australia

Hartmut is the founder, consultant and clinician at Hartgood. He has decades of experience helping clients with complex health issues. His consultations and classes are informed by our innate human need for inner fulfilment along with his practice of meditation and mindfulness everyday since 1981. Effervescent curiosity for science, health and continuous learning vicariously rubs off to the benefit of all clients.
Hartmut Gunther
Hartmut is currently upgrading learning in Trauma cause and management via the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine (NICABM). He also designs and facilitates programs and classes in Health & Nutrition, Mindfulness, Anger Management and Addiction Recovery/Prevention. Additional details on Contact page. .
Hartmut's forte is making difficult and complex information easy to understand.
Hartmut's Resumé

Inquire about Consultation
0439 54 7788

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Consultation Details

Cost: $35 for 15 minutes or increments thereof. An hour consultation is $140.
Short Consultations: Clarifying toxicology testing results (for Water, Soil, Dust, Hair, Food and Medications and others) usually only requires between 15-30 mins. All toxic chemical testing results from Toxtest include an extensive help page and auxiliary information.
Nutrition Medicine Consultations: How many appointments? - the first Nutrition Medicine consultation that begins a full assessment often needs between 1-1.5 hours. To complete a full assessment with recommended interventions and life changes often only requires between 1-3 consultations at about a hour each. Follow-up visits are then organised depending on need and often only require 15 mins to 45 mins.
Ongoing Mentoring, Inspiration, Education: Usually only needs between 15-30mins, one to one, as needed or requested. However, ongoing learning/mentoring cost can be dramatically reduced if you invite others (minimum 3; maximum 5) to join you (at $35 each) in your own private GoToMeeting (like Zoom) online class/group/FAQ session, facilitated by Hartmut, that usually goes for 1 hour. Therefore 3-5 people only pay $35 each for an hour class that is very powerfull, insightful and engaging (we also learn a lot from each other).

Inquire about Classes
0439 54 7788

Support from OS: (+61) 4 39 54 7788
Support in OZ: 0439 54 7788
Business Name: Hartgood
Australia ABN: 58 845 464 564
Clinic Address: Suite 3, 214 Beardy Street, Armidale, 2350, NSW, Australia
FAX: (61) 2 6526 2123

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cobalt symptoms

Toxtest and Toxno - also founded by Hartmut

Toxno was founded in 2014 and serves as a education tool for toxic chemical exposures and related health effects.
Toxtest was founded in 2015 and serves as an Australian NATA certified Laboratory to test Water, Hair, Soil, Dust, Medications, Food, Supplements and much more.

You can Search the entire Toxno & Toxtest Universe

We have life-saving information from over 25,000 substances and their common Exposure Routes

Here are some examples.

Have a Question?

Save time & money.
Get the most from a Nutrition Medicine consultation

  • Get copies of previous blood tests or other diagnostic or allied health tests and send to Hartmut before the first consult. Don't have any? See Resources below.
  • Complete an initial history (very useful for any and all health related consultations) and email to Hartmut. There is an Word(.doc) version that is easy to fill in digitally and return via email. There is also a PDF version that you can print out, fill in manually or digitally and return via fax or email. We prefer the Word(.doc) option if you can.
  • Fill in the MultiSymptom Questionnaire (MSQ) and email to Hartmut. There is an Excel(.xlsx) version that is easy to fill in digitally and return via email. There is also a PDF version that you can print out, fill in manually or digitally and return via fax or email. We prefer the Excel(.xlsx) version if you can.

Send to Hartmut

Via Email
FAX: (61) 2 6526 2123
Snail Mail:
Suite 3, 214 Beardy Street, Armidale, 2350, NSW, Australia

you might need as part of a Nutrition Medicine, Health and Toxicology consultation or Intervention
  • Generic Blood Test Request Form You can present this blood test request form to your doctor - most tests are covered under Medicare and they form part of a necessary baseline health work-up. You may already have had some of these recently, in which case your GP may add to the previous tests. Request that the GP sends you a copy of all results. Hartmut will most likely request additional tests after the initial consultation.
  • Order your own Pathology tests
    This works well if you know what you need and are prepared to pay for the tests yourself. However, you will need a consultation with Hartmut if you choose this option. Results are sent to him and you will need to have the results interpreted, placed in context of a general Nutrition/Health work-up and be clear about how to follow-up based on the results of the tests. You can download the Price list for Non-Medicare based tests. Note that, as indicated on the form, the Lab also charges a $18.50 processing fee. Once you know which tests you need, you can download the blank Pathology test order form, fill in and present to the Laboratory. Note that the tests include blood, urine and stool tests. For additional tests please contact Hartmut. The Lab will send you an invoice for the tests.
  • Order your own Heavy Metal Tests
    For consistency, at Toxtest, we provide testing of 32 Heavy Metals and Minerals across multiple mediums. Here are order forms for Water, Hair, Soil and Dust. More tests are available on Toxtest.
  • Gold Standard 3-week Food Elimination protocol
    This tests for potential food allergies and intolerances. Details on The Body Mind Reset handout. Note that supervision is strongly recommended before, during and after this protocol.
  • Sleep Hygiene
    Known factors that can improve sleep duration and quality. Details on Our Sleep Hygiene handout. Why do we need Sleep? To rejuvenate, maintain correct weight, cleanse brain of toxins, release stress from day, physical detoxification, heal our mind and dream.
  • Food Synergy Book
    drug side effects
    Invaluable reference resource that shows which Whole-foods contain the best levels of Essential Nutrients and much much more. Print copy ($69.95) or eBook PDF Version ($19.95)

Many of us get great benefit from having another human explain things.
If that's you, then we provide a consultation over the phone directly with Hartgood founder, Hartmut Gunther.
Cost is $35 for 15 mins.
A full Nutrition Medicine work-up and consultation is also available.
Cost for this and details about Hartmut are shown above.
Ask a Question or Book a Consultation via email with Hartmut
Hartmut on 0439 54 7788 (+61 439 54 7788 if OS)
Australian Indigenous Art on Earth's Minerals
Ubirr Region, Kakadu NP