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Mindfulness, Nutrition & Health, Anger Management and
Addiction Support and Prevention

Hartgood would like to acknowledge Australia's original Inhabitants, present Elders and upcoming Youngsters for their passion, knowledge and wisdom of human health & consciousness and environmental land, fire and water care practices.

Nutrition, Health, Mindfulness and Alcohol & Drug Addiction Support Classes & Programs designed & conducted in Person or Online for Organisations and Groups of Individuals

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If you require immediate advice or assistance for yourself or someone else, please call:
Lifeline: on 13 11 14
The Suicide Call Back Service: on 1300 659 467
Beyond Blue: on 1300 22 463
If you or someone you know is in immediate danger please call 000.

Recent Audio recordings of Mental & Physical Health, Nutrition and Mindfulness Classes at world-class Residential Recovery centre for adults.

Participants have courageously and kindly given permission for these class recordings to be shared online.

Health & Nutrition - 24th September 2021 - Includes a one to one discussion at end. Class - Mental Health and importance of Nutrition, Psycho-education (Drug-Nutrient interactions), Energy & Mitochondria Mental Health & Nutrition Class - 24/9/2021

Health & Nutrition - 10th September 2021 - VERY OPEN and REVEALING Class - Mental Health in Relationships & Recovery, Nutrition and Vitamin D, Understanding your Blood Tests · Mental Health & Nutrition Class - 10/9/2021

Mindfulness Class - 8th September 2021 - Doing and Being, Assertiveness versus Passive/Aggressive, Letting Go · Mindfulness 8-9-2021 Doing Mode - Letting Go - Assertiveness

Health & Nutrition Class - July 23rd 2021 - Sleep, Medications and Q&A
hartmutgunther · Nutrition & Health Class - Sleep, Medications and Q&A - 2021 - 07 - 23

The Power of Addiction and the Addiction of Power. An 18min talk by Gabor Maté where he articulates in a very gentle and clear way, the deeper, causal nature of addiction. A few comments from people who listen to this - "It's a comforting feeling to hear somebody speak so much truth in just 18 minutes about a topic that is so misunderstood." and
"I needed this arrangement of words to start rearranging my life."

Hartmut researches and designs evidence-based programs and classes in Health & Nutrition, Mindfulness, Anger Management and Addiction Recovery/Prevention. He is trained to deliver and facilitate government accredited programs for local governments and the NSW Cancer council in Health & Nutrition along with presenting to associations and groups like the CWA and a gathering of Buddhist Monks.
In addition below we present mostly unedited recordings of online classes conducted with adults at a world class residential recovery & learning centre in Australia, starting at the time of the Covid-19 lockdown in April 2020.
Participants have courageously and kindly given permission for these class recordings to be shared online via these videos.

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Nutrition Resources used in Classes
The classes form part of four concurrently run evidence-based programs
  • Mindfulness
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Anger Management
  • Moving Forward (Addiction Recovery/Prevention)
All classes are designed, continuously developed and facilitated by Hartmut Michael Günther based on evidence-based research and client feedback, engagement and class attendance.

Class recording from the Mindfulness Program

Class recording from the Health & Nutrition Program

The classes have unique attributes -
  • Participants are given choice to choose a specific topic that is of interest and relevant to them under the broader context of the Program being delivered.
    For instance, in the Health & Nutrition class, participants get to choose one of the 28 essential nutrients (like Magnesium, Protein, Vitamin B6, Calcium etc.) and research and present to the rest of the class on that key nutrient.
    And, in the Mindfulness class, Hartmut has created a broad visual map/mandala of content under the umbrella of Mindfulness (like non-judgement and non-reactivity, awareness, vulnerability, meditation, listening and more) from which participants also choose what is pertinent and engaging for them.
  • Participants are given an opportunity too freely express themselves via a short presentation on their understanding and research of a topic (they have chosen), followed by group discussion and additional insights and content from the facilitator.

Inspiring teacher
Class member at Recovery Centre

Class recording from the Mindfulness Program. Occasionally classes include a short 10-20minute video/audio clip delivered from a renowned teacher who is an expert or master of their field. This class contains a talk from Brené Brown on Vulnerability. (Not included here for obvious Copyright reasons)

The Mindfulness classes recorded here form part of an overall curriculum that is informed by decades of evidence based research, expertise from individuals who are leaders and indeed masters in their field of endeavour and, more poignantly, informed by aspirations of human being since the dawn of time to feel a deep sense of belonging, meaning and peace. As Mindfulness touches on every aspect of our lives, we tend to focus on a particular topic in each class. The classes are dynamic and very interactive and indeed, we have had two classes on the same topic within Mindfulness with different participants that have completely different interactions, expressions and questions. Mindfulness Classes often contain a 10-15 minute Meditation component.
Mindfulness is the exploration and practice of two streams of endeavour. First it is a personal exploration into the frontiers of blissful consciousness. Second, it is a conscious practice and discipline in awareness so that we are not just a slave of our thoughts, emotions and personal and collective past experiences, commonly called our Mind and Psyche. Both form part of a lifetime aspiration towards peace, wellbeing and enjoying an utterly fulfilled life.

Addiction Recovery/Prevention

cobalt symptoms
Hartmut designs and facilitates evidence-based programs and classes in Health, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Anger Management and Addiction Recovery/Prevention at a world-class residential recovery centre in Armidale, NSW. Residents have kindly given permission for recordings of classes to be published during the Covid Pandemic

Psycho-education including medication-nutrient interactions, side effects, risks and long-term medication use, and "what does a diagnosis actually mean" in simple and understandable terms with view to reduce stigma and make informed choices
drug side effects
Slide from online Nutrition and Health class

About Hartgood founder;
Hartmut Michael Günther
Hartmut Gunther
Hartmut Michael Günther is the founder, consultant and clinician at Hartgood, Hartgoods (Online Store), Toxtest, Toxno and FoodSynergy.
Hartmut has qualifications in Biochemistry and Genetics, Nutrition Medicine and Psychology. He also designs and facilitates programs and classes in Health & Nutrition, Mindfulness, Anger Management and Addiction Recovery/Prevention. Additional details on Contact page. .
Hartmut's forte is making difficult and complex information easy to understand.
Hartmut's Resumé

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Class & Program Details

Ongoing Mentoring, Inspiration, Education: Usually only needs between 15-30mins, one to one, as needed or requested. However, ongoing learning/mentoring cost can be dramatically reduced if you invite others (minimum 3; maximum 5) to join you (at $35 each) in your own private GoToMeeting (like Zoom) online class/group/FAQ session, facilitated by Hartmut, that usually goes for 1 hour. Therefore 3-5 people only pay $35 each for an hour class that is very powerfull, insightful and engaging (we also learn a lot from each other).

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